8 Tips for Success after Spring Break

Coming back from Spring Break is always hard. But let’s remember that we are half way through the semester with just 7 weeks of school left. Here are some tips that can help you get back into a routine and succeed. 1. Go to bed earlier It is always important to get sleep. Eight hours is recommended but lets be honest, most of us do not get 8 hours of sleep. Plan your day out so that way you don’t have to stay up till 3am to finish that paper the night before its due. Make 8 hours of sleep a goal! 2. Organize Yourself Figure out when your exams are and put them on your calendar. Also mark on your calendar when projects and assignments are due. Doing this will allow you to see what you need to

Goal Setting in College

For me, the spring semester has always been a chance to start fresh, try new things, and rearrange my schedule! I typically create a list of things that I would like to begin, keep, or stop doing over the course of the semester, which I incorporate into semester goals. Creating these goals has been very beneficial for me in college, as it has given me points to focus on as I get through the semester, especially when I get busy! The method that I have found particularly helpful is writing your goals while remembering the acronym SMART. S- Specific. You want your goal to be simply, and clearly stated, so that you know what it is that you need to do! Ideally, you want one sentence that could ea

5 Things to do when going home for break

1. Hug your family - Nothing beats a tight hug from your parents and siblings after not seeing them for weeks, or even months. 2. Spend time with the people you love - whether it be family or friends, catch up with the people who have been there for you through it all. 3. RELAX - There’s no hiding that being away from home and keeping up with school work can be stressful. Take time for yourself and relax before going back to the hectic lifestyle of college. 4. Do the things you enjoy - Spend time doing the things you’ve missed about your hometown while away at school. 5. Go to your favorite restaurant - We all have our favorite restaurant that we talk about even when we are hundreds, sometim

Why Every Girl Needs a Horse

As a transfer student, this has been my first year at K-State. The transition from a junior college to a state university has definitely been something I had to get used to. With that being said, my transition would have been that much more challenging had I not had my horse, Whistle, to help me along. Below is a list of the top five reasons as to why every girl needs a horse. Unconditional love. Horses have the biggest hearts of any animal on earth. No matter how long you wait between visits, your horse will meet you at the gate with its head held high and a hello nicker. Big, furry hugs. Midterms have you stressed? No need to fret, simply go out to the ranch and wrap your arms around your

The Perfect Checklist for a Long Drive Home

Spring break has finally come upon us, which means college kids are either packing up to go on vacation or just heading back home. As for me, I always look forward to going home. Home for me is Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, which is a three hour drive from my college town. Therefore, in order to have the best road trip experience you have to have some things that keep you entertained and to make sure you haven't forgotten anything, so here is my idea of the perfect checklist: 1) Snacks. ​Something about being on the road always gives me the munchies. Every time I go home, I bring some m&ms and peanuts. 2) Drinks. ​It's always important to stay hydrated! Just don't over hydrate so you can avoid unn

Why Every Girl Should Have a Guy Best Friend

We all know having our girl friends is very important. They are always there for us to talk about our problems. We support each other through thick and thin. But I believe it’s important that us girls have at least one guy best friend and here’s why: 1. They have a different point of view than us. We see a situation in one way, but if we talk to our guy friends about it, they have a different view. They will tell us how some people might view us and if that’s good or bad. They have advice when we are fighting with our other friends, classmates, or roommates. Usually they tell us to cut the crap and talk out the problem with the other person that we are fighting with. 2. They are protective.

Memes, Memes, and More Memes!

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and you know it’s already been a bad day before the day even starts? Well I have a solution for you…. memes!! Who doesn’t love a good meme to start your day off or make your day better when your whole day resembles a cow patty. I’m sure some of these memes are going to be kind of lame but try to stay with me. 1) We all have those days where we just don’t want to feel like “adults” anymore. 2) That twelve point font and times new roman really makes a difference. 3) This meme made me rethink my entire existence. 4) If you want to know what I’m going to be like as a parent, this meme is me. 5) For all those professors who are giving us assignments to do d

#55 Strong

Many of you know that I am an out of state student from wild and wonderful West Virginia. I am very passionate and proud of my home state….well most of the time that is. Hopefully by now you also know that for the past 7 school days (going on 8) the teachers in all 55 counties in WV have been on strike. West Virginia is ranked as being the 48th lowest salaried state for teachers pay. The average salary of a WV teacher is $45,622 that is $12,731 less than the national average. Teachers simply aren’t able to meet ends meet with their low salaries and high cost health care. As a WV citizen I am absolutely not proud of the WV government, but I am proud of the teachers in my state. Here are just

Harvesting Almonds: It's Nuts!

It is mid-august, school is starting back up even though it is still technically summer, it is a busy time of year no matter where you are or what you do. In California, August is particularly eventful because of all the harvests that are going on. Some crops- like almonds- are harvested a little different than say wheat or corn. About the second week of harvest, farmers begin the harvest process by shaking trees. A tree shaker is a machine that has a boom with a clamp on the side. The operator will use a joy-stick to extend the boom, clamp the trunk of the tree and shake it for about three seconds until all the almonds rain down. Then they will unclamp, retract, and drive on to the next tre

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