7 Reasons to Get Involved in Animal Science Undergraduate Research

1. Work with animals A major perk of doing undergraduate research in animal science is the opportunity to get off campus and go work with animals you love! My choice was with pigs, but it could be with beef cows, dairy cows, horses, sheep, goats, or even poultry. 2. Valuable Skills Not only do I get hands-on experience with the animals, but I also got to be part of all the paper work and details that went into the trail. That includes protocol planning, feed manufacturing, allotment, daily chores, execution of experiment and data collection, as well as data review, analysis, and presentation. 3. Public speaking experience After the trial is done, it is time to analyze the data and put togeth

A Day in the life of a Farmer’s Daughter

The first rule of being a farmer’s daughter is listen and listen well. When it comes to teaching me how to do things around the farm my dad will throw me in the tractor, explain briefly how to do whatever it is he is having me do that day. He then leaves me to do the work. Within the first 30 minutes, 95% of the time I call because I’m already lost or confused and need him to re-explain something. Another big lesson I’ve learned from working with my dad is to not be on the phone constantly. Even if I am not doing something at that second, my dad expects me to be observing and learning so he doesn’t have to explain later if I need to do whatever task he is doing. I have noticed that out of al

An Open Letter to my Grandma

Thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today. I don’t know where or who I would be without you. From a young age, you taught me how to be strong, how to fight for what I want, and how to be a hard worker. You have taught be how to overcome obstacles and challenges. You have overcome many obstacles and challenges in your 84 years of life. As a young girl, your family home was destroyed by a fire leaving you and your family with nothing, but the clothes on your back. That made for a tough childhood that hard work, determination, and faith would see you through. You married shortly after high school and started life from the ground up, literally. You and grandpa built your house, built

When I say I Raised Bucket Calves…

Picture this: You’re a senior in high school, and it’s 5:30 a.m. on a bleak, snowy March morning. Your alarm isn’t a blaring clock like so many of your friends, no, it’s your father opening your bedroom door, half-awake; it’s chore time. You throw the covers off of yourself, shivering at the chill of the morning. You call out, “Hey, I have to be at school early, can I get the day off?” but you already know the answer. Your sister groans from her bedroom, and says, “If you get the day off, I get the day off too.” That does nothing but anger your father, because he doesn’t want to do chores by himself. “When’s my day off?” he asks as you hear the sink rush with water and the sound of a buck

10 Ways College Students Keep their Sanity

1. Find a bomb Spotify playlist (maybe a few) Spotify is one of my saving graces, finding your top playlists can be a daunting task, but have no fear, Spotify knows its stuff and it helps to have an open mind to genres or styles that you don’t normally listen to. For example, I am by no means a jazzy person, but when I need to crank out that paper at 2 am you know my chill jazz flames playlist is on. Don’t want to take time to make your own playlist? Spotify has a ton of premade playlists ready to go and has this cool feature where it makes a daily mix personalized to what you like to listen to. With the student discount at 5.99 a month? Worth it. Here are my top three on Spotify:   Songs to

Just Like Mama’s Cooking - College Style

Moving to college left me missing so many things from home: my family, my dog, my bed, and, of courses, my mom’s cooking. Now, the dining hall makes many of the dishes that my mom cooks at home, but they just aren’t the same! Here’s a couple of recipes that are microwave, budget, and college student friendly! Breakfast in a Jar Two Servings Ingredients: 2 Small Canning Jars Cooking Spray 4 Slices of Deli Ham, Chopped 2 Cheese Sticks, Diced (I like Sargento Pepper Jack) ½ Cup Spinach 2 eggs, beaten Directions: Spray the canning jars with the cooking spray. Split the ham in half and layer it in each jar. Split spinach between each jar. Add an egg to each. Put a cheese stick into each jar. Thro

Dealing with the Homesick Blues

Although I love it here at K-State and am happy I have found my Sigma Alpha family, I find myself feeling homesick for Michigan occasionally. The drive is 12 hours therefore, it’s only feasible for me to go home during school breaks. I have found a few things that help with a case of the homesick blues. Here are my top 6 things that I do when I’m homesick. Call home. Sometimes just hearing the voices of my family and friends back home makes me feel like I’m there with them. When I call my mom, my dad and brother like to join in on the conversation and it feels like we’re all together again. Stay Updated When I know what’s going on in Coopersville, the distance doesn’t seem as great. As silly

Summer Movies

Let’s get excited for summer movies! One of the best things about summer is all the new movie premieres and being able to see them in drive-ins with your friends while enjoying the long summer nights. As someone whole loves movies, going to see movies with friends and family is one of my favorite things. This summer, I am fortunate enough to have an internship in Minnesota and hopefully I will be able to find people just obsessed with the latest releases as I am. So, in order to get you as excited as I am for this summer, here are all the movies I am looking forward to seeing in the next few months. Avengers: Infinity Wars (4/27/18) The movie that has been over ten years in the making,

The 8 Best Things I Ever Ate: Manhattan Edition

In my four years in Manhattan, I have enjoyed countless meals around town. While I haven’t bought a meal at every restaurant around town, I have tried my best to enjoy some of the dishes that can only be found in The Little Apple. In no particular order, below are the eight dishes I will miss the most when I leave Manhattan in May. 1. Buffalo Chicken Taco at Taco Lucha Taco Lucha was my first food love in Manhattan. My dad will go out of his way to visit as long as we can make a stop here during his visit. The buffalo chicken taco is a must whenever I eat there, and it’s the first food to help me truly enjoy avocado in something other than guacamole. 2. Bacon Cheddar Scone at Cornerstone Cof

Leap of Faith

As an Animal Science major, I often get the feeling that all my classes seem to run together. All I learn about is science, science, and more science all day long. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love science and I love my major or else I wouldn’t be doing it. However, the material can get utterly dry and often difficult. This can become quite daunting when day in and day out its just the same old same old and I just feel like I need a change of pace. It is nice to be able to take some time to think about something else and refresh the mind and body. That is why last semester when I enrolled for my spring semester classes my advisor challenged me to go a little out of my comfort zone a

Spring Break in Ecuador

Over Spring Break, I had the opportunity to participate in a faculty-led study abroad trip to Ecuador through the Agronomy Department here at K-State. We traveled for 9 days staying in the cities of Quito, Otavalo, Santo Domingo, Quevedo, and finishing up in Guayaquil. So we were everywhere from the Andes mountains all the way down to the Pacific coast. Guayaquil City Lookout Up in the Andes The trip was agronomy based , so many of our stops
revolved around agricultural production in Ecuador. On our trip, we studied: potatoes, corn, quinoa, cassava, tropical grasses, bananas, roses, coffee, cacao, pineapple, oil palm, vanilla, and quail. These stops including not only production, but process

The Freshman 15: Tips Not Pounds

1. Prioritize; Don’t Procrastinate No, the things on your to-do list won’t go away by scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. Prioritize the important things you must do that way you are not studying an hour before an exam. 2. Take some time for yourself. Set aside time to do things that make you happy and/or relax you. Whether it’s a favorite TV show, reading a book, or exercising, treat yourself especially after a stressful day. 3. Go to class While early morning classes or the last class you have before the weekend are not fun, make sure you attend your classes. Besides, you will feel much more confident on that next exam or pop quiz if you’ve been in class. A b

Reflections of a Collegiate Soil Judger

The K-State Collegiate Soil Judging Team just returned from the national contest hosted by the University of Tennessee at Martin. K-State got 5th in group judging and 10th overall team. This competition was also my last as I am graduating in May. When I look back on four years at K-State, my involvement with Sigma Alpha and the soil judging team are the most memorable. When I joined the team my freshman year, I never knew how much of an impact it would make. 1. The skills developed in practice are applicable in my professional career. Being able to use soil genesis and classification knowledge learned in the classroom in a competition setting taught me to be driven and self-motivated. My

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