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Edited by, Toccoa Cochrane 

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9 Reasons Everyone Should Have at Least One Internship

1. Practice applying and interviewing for a job position. Learning how to fill out an application that highlights and explains your strengths is not easy. Interviews take practice and repetition to feel comfortable with your answers and the etiquette. 2. Experience working a full-time position. College is much different than a full-time job. An internship gives you practice working a “9-5” schedule and working with others in a corporate setting. 3. Decide if you would potentially like this as your future job or not. An internship lets you explore careers to decide if you want to work in this field or sector in the future. Or you may not enjoy our internship and learn that this is not somethi

Lifestyle Tips

It is officially that time of year. Mid- semester when the newness of all our fall classes starts to wear off and the exhaustion sets in. You can see it on the faces of every student you pass in the halls around this time of the year, and it’s not even finals time yet. While maintaining the crazy busy schedule that we all have, it is important that we try and make some time for ourselves so that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle. We only get one body and brain in our lifetime, and it is important to take care of it. The first step to maintaining a healthy life style is to drink plenty of water. You should typically aim for about half of your body weight in ounces, but don’t stop there! Pus

Dealing with Distractions

While living in a world where social media, games and television shows are continuously attached to our hands, it is extremely easy to become distracted, and occasionally extremely difficult to get things done. Distractions not only can increase the time needed to complete a task, but it can decrease performance as well. Learning how to deal with distractions is a crucial step in college life, and here I will share a few techniques I have learned throughout the years on how to say no to distractions and say yes to productivity. 1. Put your phone away This doesn’t just mean set your phone on the table next to you while you’re working, but to place it in a completely different room altogether.

They Call it a Victory Lap, Not a Setback

Before I even got to K-State, I thought I had a fairly good plan of how my time would go. I’d move up here, keep the same major (ha), and graduate in 4 years. Maybe along the way join a few clubs, do some traveling, make friends, and do the things college students can get away with like ordering Pizza Shuttle at 3 am. Like most people and most situations, things did not go exactly as I had thought! So far, I have moved 4 times, changed my major twice, then ended up adding one and a half majors and a minor to boot. Like most overachievers, I’ve joined what most would consider “too many clubs” at times but ended up learning more about personal time management than I would have any other way. I