Kansas State University Sigma Alpha

Edited by, Toccoa Cochrane 

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Lessons I Learned While Studying Abroad

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Thailand for a two-week long study abroad program through Loop Abroad. I went with a small group of K-State students, but we were mixed with students from all over the country. We spent one week in the city of Chiang Mai learning about small animal medicine and completing spay and neuter procedures. We spent the second week of our trip at Elephant Nature Park, where we learned about elephant medicine and wildlife conservation. I learned many important lessons about veterinary medicine and conservation while in Thailand, but studying abroad taught me some invaluable life lessons as well. Here are my top three: It’s okay to branch out. I am a

There's No Place Like Home

The other day I was helping my brother move equipment from field to field. As we began our three-hour journey through rural Kansas, I found myself reflecting, and often in awe, of the raw beauty rural Kansas has to offer. Allow me to give some background on myself. My name is Kayley, and I come from a 6th-generation family farm in south-central Kansas where we raise wheat, corn, soybeans, milo, cotton, and run a 350 cow-calf herd. With my mother being a travel agent and my father being a farmer, two of my favorite things include traveling and being outdoors. Through my travels, I have been blessed to see some truly amazing things; places so perfect that catching your breath can be difficult.

Years in Review

Three and a half years ago, I was recruited into the Alpha Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha. With only being a month away from becoming an alumna member, I can not help but look back and remember all the people that made this organization what it is today. The Alpha Omega chapter celebrated its 15th year as an organization last April. Over the last 15 years we have had 24 pledge classes find their home in this organization. The chapter recruits on the principles of building a sisterhood and a bond between young women with a passion for agriculture. All while giving them the resources needed to succeed academically and professionally. This past weekend I went to the AFA Leaders Conference in Down

Dealing with Tragedy in College

College is hard. There’s really not a better way to put it. It gets even harder when you have to deal with tragedies and still attend classes. It gets worse when you are far from home. Recently my home farm had a tractor and implement burn down. It was awful. I had been home the entire weekend and had to drive back to Manhattan while waiting on an update to hear if everyone was ok. It was heartbreaking to not be able to be home. Then, more recently, while I was visiting home, I heard an ambulance call about a rolled pickup. It turns out, three of our hired hands had swerved to miss a deer and rolled a pickup. Two of the guys broke vertebrae, and the other broke multiple ribs. I know of many

The Maschhoffs

This past summer I had a remarkable opportunity of working as an Animal Caregiver in a farrowing barn with The Maschhoffs in New Salem, Illinois, where there were 3,600 head of sows’. The Maschhoffs, is a family owned pig production company that is committed to offering the best animal care, environment, safely and community impact. Their priorities are simple: People, Pigs, Passion. Their core values are what drove me to want to work for them, where I gained knowledge of not only about pigs but where I found me. I grew up with a beef cattle background and had no experience and little knowledge of swine so I will admit that I was nervous for my first day. However, my first day was just the b

Great Grandma Claybrook’s Zucchini Bread Muffins

One of the biggest struggles I’ve encountered throughout college is eating breakfast. I know many people quote “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day;” however they aren’t wrong. Breakfast sets the tone for your day, and if you don’t get the actual energy and nutrition you need within the first few hours of waking, you will most likely be miserable all day long. In the breakfast episode of the podcast Gastro-pod, the hosts explore the diversity of breakfast and what the ideal breakfast really looks like. What they presented in this episode is that the ideal breakfast is actually high in protein, insoluble fiber, and other nutrients that take awhile to break down in the digestive tr