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Join Sigma Alpha


The Process

Sigma Alpha recruits members at the beginning of each semester, making the next recruitment Spring 2022. Recruitment varies every year, but always consists of numerous events. Previous events include shirt tie-dye, informational meeting, and scavenger hunt. These events are a way for you to meet current Sigma Alpha sisters, and get a feel for what the sorority is all about.

The next stage of recruitment is the interview process. This consists of multiple interview rounds with the current Sigma Alphas. You have already gotten to know us, and this is our way to get to know you. The interview process is a great way to showcase your professionalism since we are a professional sorority. Interviews determine whether we will offer you a bid into the chapter.

If you accept the bid into Sigma Alpha you will be able to join us for your own Bid Day! This is an exciting time to meet your new sisters, and to be welcomed into the chapter! 

Events Calendar

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