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How to Not Procrastinate in School

1.Print out all of your syllabi

The first week of classes is often referred to as syllabus week. Some teachers print them out and hand them out to the class. Others just pull it up on the projector and talk about it. For the ones that do not hand it out print it off so you have a copy of what is happening all semester.

2.Write down all important due dates

After printing off your syllabus go through it and write down all the due dates of your assignments. Also write down tests. How I do this is by having one color for each class and writing down the due date of that assignment in that color.

3.Write To-do lists

At the beginning of each week I look at my planner and make a to-do list for that week. These can be little things like read one chapter in a book. Or larger things like completing a quiz you have to do. This way you know exactly what you are doing each week.

4.Mark things off when you complete them

You should mark things off after you complete them because then when you look at your planner or to-do list it does not look like you have so much to do. Also that way if you look at your planner the night before something is due you do not have to freak out that you did not remember to do it. You can see that you did it because you marked it off.

In Sisterhood,

Ashley McKenny

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