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Region 5 Soil Judging Contest 2017

I have spent this past week in Redfield, South Dakota, the pheasant capital of USA for the region 5 soil judging contest. At this contest we compete against teams from South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa State, Minnesota and The University of Missouri. I have already seen so many amazing things and learned so much. This will be my fifth contest on the KSU team and with each and every one I learn so much about not only the soil but the landscapes around me In South Dakota we have seen a lot of till plains and lake plains. Meaning lands that were once glaciated and lakes. The soil in SD is pretty different from what we see in Manhattan, Kansas so it is really exciting to go up to each pit and see the similarities and differences. On our way up from KS we had the opportunity to stop at the one and only “Corn Palace” where we got to see a lot of cool corn art. Soil judging has really helped me to become a better future agronomist because not only am I learning about soil, I am meeting new people and making long lasting relationships that will better my future. I am lucky enough to judge with 2 of my sisters Tessa Zee and Megan Owens and I think that through extra curricular activities such as soil judging this has helped to bring us together as sisters and colleagues. Overall I have had great experiences though soil judging because it has helped me to learn more and make live long friends. I am a firm believer that you should try to get involved with everything possible because you never know where you will find your passion if you never try.

In Sisterhood,

Tara Wilson

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