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How Raising Livestock Impacts the Soul

Compassionate, faithful, and pure souls can be developed by raising an animal from birth to the end of its life. One may ask, "how can livestock impact a person so heavily?" Well let me explain.

Compassion is described as the concern for the suffering or misfortunes of others. As owners of livestock one has full responsibility of the well-being of that animal. This leads to a close relationship with your animal, no matter what the species. With that being said, compassion is grown when your livestock are hurt or sick. Once your animal is back to normal then your mind will be at ease, knowing that the animal is no longer in pain.

Just as God has his own plan for your life, he has the same for that livestock animal. You become faithful in your animal whether it be for market purposes or reproduction. Putting faith into an animal can be difficult at some points and times but as a care taker keeping faith high is circuital for that animal. With compassion and faith in your animal it can bloom to be an amazing creature.

Pureness of the soul is created by knowing what you decide is going to affect that animal’s life in any or every aspect. With this being that case, you know you must make the best decision for your livestock whether it is an easy or hard path.

Each of these qualities isn’t developed immediately with just taking care of an animal. It takes hard work and time with each of your animals to live by these characteristics. Not every person is meant to raise livestock but we are thankfully for those who have these incredible souls to do the profession.

In Sisterhood,

Lindsey Leiser

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