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My Advice: Get Involved!

I would highly recommend to all college students, especially freshmen, that you become involved with a club or a team during college. I just had the opportunity to travel to South Dakota to compete in the Region 5 Soil Judging Contest. The soil judging team isn’t just a team: we are a family. We are all the same major of agronomy, but we all have different personalities and perspectives that we bring to the team. Not one of us is the same as the other. When we group judge though, we are all on the same level of communication and we rock that scorecard. I’ve noticed that the other teams seem to click, but they aren’t on the same level of friendship that the K-State Soil Judging Team is. We like to call ourselves the soil judging family, and that rings true. I can spend a whole week with them and still want to hang out with them when we get back from competitions. We have each other’s back, but do so while also being sassy. We make the best out of bad conditions.

There is nothing else like belonging to a team where everyone gets along and supports each other. My advice is to find your team, your club, your passion and get involved. Make new friends and form those bonds. These are the people that will help you throughout your college years and even beyond that. When you feel like you belong somewhere, you will also feel happier and do well in college. If you can find joy in doing something at college that enhances your learning experience, do it! It will help you out so much in your future. I honestly would be lost without my friendships I have formed by being an active member of the soil judging team, Sigma Alpha, and the Wheat State Agronomy Club.

Without getting involved with my organizations here at K-State, my college career would not be as successful or as enjoyable. So, if you feel as if you are lacking something with your college experience, find your team, your club, and get involved! I promise that even though it can be a lot of work and lots of your time, it is totally worth it. The friendships and connections you make with your peers is priceless.

In Sisterhood,

Megan Owens

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