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What every college student doesn’t want to get asked at thanksgiving

1. How is school going/ what is your major again?

Then they proceed to ask what kind of classes you take under that major and what kind of job you can have with that major. For me I am Animal Science: business option.

2. Do you have a boyfriend?

Did you see me bring a guy home….no, so then there is your answer.

3. How are your roommates?

They are great! I barely see them because I am so busy with clubs and organizations on campus but other than that I don’t have any complaints.

4. What clubs are you a part of?

Where do I start, Collegiate Cattlemen’s Club, Collegiate Cattle Women’s Club, Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority and I am an Ambassador for the Kansas State Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering.

5. What do you want to do after college?

I have no clue, (let’s try this…I am going to ask you a question) did you know what you wanted to do after graduation as a junior???????

6. Do you have an on-campus job?

No, I don’t

7. Do you have an internship for the summer?

Yes, I have a couple options and yes, they all involve me not being close to home.

8. Are you sure you want to be (list future career options)?

Well I have lots of options with my major, but I hope so because I am 2 and a half years into it now.

9. Have you been eating healthy?

No, I’m a broke college student.

10. What is your GPA?

Well let’s just say it could be better, but I am working on it.

11. Are classes really that hard?

YES! Yes, they are difficult. Here try reading this question (insert question from Anatomy and Physiology online exam that is due at the end of break), now do you understand what it is asking? *note that they cannot even pronounce a couple works and are thoroughly lost in what is being asked.

12. What do you do for fun?

Well it depends on the weeknights, I rarely have free time to do anything. I enjoy being in the clubs and organizations I am a part of that I spend my time with on during the week. On the weekend I will to go out with friends, watch Netflix, and be a typical college student….sleep.

13. I bet you miss your mom’s cooking?

Yes, I really do. I don’t like eating the same thing for a week when I make a meal at school. But nothing compares to mom’s cooking.

14. What are college parties like?

That’s a secret… what happens in Manhattan stays in Manhattan. And besides I cannot tell you all the good stories I have, I have to wait 10 years, so I won’t get yelled at.

15. Tell me more about your boyfriend!

That’s funny because I don’t have one but thank you for reminding me of it.

In Sisterhood,

Ashlea Baalmann

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