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Job Applications

As senior year rolls around many students began to face the dreaded job application process. For many it is a time of much stress because many people are applying for the same positions as others and just want the best salary for themselves. The first step when it comes to applying for jobs is to make sure that your resume or cover letter has something that stands out from others. Secondly you want to apply to as many jobs as possible so you have more options to choose from and more variety in your choices. The third step is to make sure to spend time preparing for the interviews and do your research about the company that you are applying for. The biggest aspect of the job interview process is just to be confident in one’s abilities and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. The most important part of the job application process is to spend time researching for jobs even before you graduate and find out the companies that interest you. The job world is a scary one but can be made easier if you know what you wish to accomplish from it.

In Sisterhood,

Karin O'Leary

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