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4 Pieces of Advice From my Freshman Year

1. Find your people

Going through anything alone sucks. When I first started at K-State, I knew about three people total. I thought that I would never make it through the next four year relying on these three people. Then I joined Sigma Alpha. I found my people, the ones that would encourage and support me when I needed it, and most importantly, when I resisted it.

2. Don’t be too proud

If you need help, ask for it! Don’t let your pride get in the way of your education. I learned this the hardest way possible. I failed the first test I took in college. I worried for what seemed like weeks before I knew what to do. I had to get tutoring. At first, I didn’t want anyone to know that I needed tutoring.The days upon days of walking into the tutoring center helped humble me and made me realize that needing help isn’t a bad thing.

3. Call your mom

Call her often. In the past week, I’ve called my mom approximately 27 times. We accidentally hang up on each other a lot, but it would still be a lot even if we didn’t. Talking to my mom makes me feel better about everything going on in my life. Moms tell you what you should do, and when you become wiser, you listen to them and take their advice. Call your mom about everything. Call her when you bombed a test, call her when you had the best day, call her when you don’t know what’s going on. Just call your mom.

4. Plan for everything

Planning has become my new best friend. With having to juggle classes, jobs, and various activities, a plan must at least be attempted to be made. However, plans change very quickly. Life is full of uncertainty, but plans are made to be changed and altered to the inconsistent situations life brings us.

In Sisterhood,

Emma Claybrooke

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