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Organization is key

If you’re not organized yet for the semester it is NOT too late. Being organized looks different for everyone but these steps five steps can you get back on track to having a great semester.

Step 1: First thing is first you will need a planner. I personally have a Passion planner, which I love, others love a virtual type of planner like Google calendar. Whichever option you choose, pick something that will work for you, if you’re not sure, do both and see which works better for you.

Step 2: Now that you’ve got that planner, virtual or physical, you need to put in all the important dates, this means test dates, assignment dates, birthdays and so on. I would also recommend putting in reminders one and two weeks before tests, and projects, this will help remind you how close those tasks are. This trick helped me last semester prioritize what projects to prioritize and remind members for a group project that we need to meet, rather than leave everything to the last minute.

Step 3: Keep all of your syllabi! A syllabus is like your personal navigation map for each class, ensure that you have and know where each syllabus is at anytime in the semester. I personally keep them all in one folder. This way I can go back and check all the little details about each class if I have any questions. Wherever you keep your syllabi just make sure they are easily accessible.

Step 4: Organize your technology! If you’re anything like me at the end of the semester my laptop was a mess with hundreds of downloads, various unorganized documents and power points. I recommend deleting all that you do not need and saving what you do in various organized folders. Go ahead and back up your important documents on Google drive or on your student account, you know just in case. Create folders for each of your classes which will help keep your documents organized and orderly.

Step 5: Wake up before 7 a.m. I know this might be early for many people, but it’s worth it. Nothing fun happens early in the morning which means this is a great time to get all your stuff done that is not fun. Whether that be laundry, working out, writing out notecards, studying, dishes or anything else on your to do list, this is a great time to check off some tasks on your to do list. This will allow you to be available for an evening ice-cream run, without stressing about all the little things on your to do list.

These tips have helped me stay organized semester after semester. Incorporating these tips will help every student feel more confident on there journey through college.

In Sisterhood,

Tarra Rotstein

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