The Best Things About Sigma Alpha

1. Agriculture

I cannot say enough about how much I have learned about Agriculture since transferring in Fall 2016. Not only have I learned in the classroom, but I have also learned a lot from my sisters. I did not come from a strong agriculture background, and being able to learn from the experiences, plans, and goals of my sisters has given me a larger and greater respect for the industry.

2. Professionalism

As I approach graduation and begin looking for a job, I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities that Sigma Alpha has given me to increase my professional skills. From resume workshops to practicing networking, I feel confident that I am better prepared for the career world.

3. Service

I have always loved being able to serve the community. When I transferred, I wanted to find an organization that shared that same love. Through Sigma Alpha, I have been able to serve the community through an agricultural connection. Things like teaching kids about soil, or selling shirts to raise money for the wildfires that had ravaged nearly half of our state and many other states, has given me a way to serve in a completely new way.

4. Resources

Since most of the sisters are in the College of Agriculture, it is almost impossible to have a class without a sister in it, or to have a class that no other sister has taken. It is comforting to have a group of people who you can turn to when you miss a class, or need to study for a test. It is also nice to have the advice of someone who has taken it before when registration time rolls around for pointers on professors and class loads that work well together.

5. Friendship

There were a few people from high school I knew before coming to K-State, but I hadn’t talked to them in years and I wasn’t in the same major or even college as they were. I found my friends through Sigma Alpha. I know someone in all of my classes, and I now have people to support and encourage me.

Sigma Alpha has given me more than these, but I could never be able to name them all. I am excited for life after graduation, but I know that the skills and friendships I have gained will last longer than this.

In Sisterhood,

Taylor Gourley

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