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Sigma Alpha Leadership Seminar

This past weekend a group of us had the opportunity to attend the Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma Alpha Leadership Seminar in Kansas City. The theme for the weekend was “Broaden Your Brand,” developing our personal image to promote our values and morals through community involvement, social media, career readiness, collaboration and decision making.

Here is just a few take aways from this weekend:

· Lead by example

· Fail Fast, Fail Forward, Fail Cheap

· Consistency and professionalism is key on social media

· There are always consequences for you and others around you in decision making: “Garbage in, garbage out” -Dave Ramsey

· The Three R’s: Respect, Responsibility, Results

· The Six Decision Making Steps: Legality, Costs vs Benefits, Universal Standard, Smell Test/Newspaper, The Golden Rule, and Ventilation

· Instead of answering to “How are You?” with “Good, you?” and letting the conversation die, have a short brag point/conversation starter ready to extend another form of networking

· “Commit to getting out of your comfort zone to fail. Success is just a pile of failure that you are standing on” -Dave Ramsey

· Have steps prepared in case of a crisis

· Personal development can happen with technical change and adaptive change

The weekend brought a lot of positive experiences, lessons, ideas to bring back to our own chapter and new friends from other universities, and I hope many others have the chance to attend in future years!

In sisterhood,

Kirsty Gordon

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