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5 things that your parents used to do for you that you miss now that you’re in college!

This year I finally moved out of the college dorms and into a rental house with some of my best friends. The thought of finally living away from organized living and sort of on my own was very exciting; however, little did I know how much work renting a house. Each year of college, more and more adult things I am tasked with, and let’s be honest, being an adult is hard! I never knew how much my parents did for me until I moved away.

They help with Laundry

Man do I miss having my mom help with laundry back in high school. Folding is the death of me and I try and put it off as long as possible. I cannot tell you how many calls I have made home to my mom to ask questions on how to wash certain types of clothes. How do I hand wash something? How do I get this stain out? Etc.

They help with anything car related

I’ll be the first to tell you that I know very little about cars. Anytime one of the lights on my dashboard pops up, I go into automatic freak out mode. Just last month I called my dad about how to put more air in my tire. Even though I should have learned how to do this before I got to college, my dad was more than happy to walk me through the process, even if he made fun of me the entire time for not knowing how to do something so basic.

They cook dinner

One of the biggest things I miss about living at home was always having a good dinner on the table in the evening. After a long day of classes, work, and studying I rarely have time to cook a good dinner and normally resort to a frozen pizza or chicken nuggets. One can only eat these for so long before they get old and miss moms cooking.

They make sure the fridge is stocked

As every college student knows, grocery shopping is the worst. You never know what to buy, other than the basic supplies for ramen and mac and cheese. Plus, grocery shopping is even worse when you have to pay for food yourself now.

They buy you stuff

Every time I go back home, I always manage to throw a shopping day in there with my mom. I know that one way or another she will end up buying me things the I would have to buy myself while away at college. Whether its new clothes or toilet paper, anything that I don’t have to buy myself is always a win!

In Sisterhood,

Mallory Meek

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