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Memes, Memes, and More Memes!

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and you know it’s already been a bad day before the day even starts? Well I have a solution for you…. memes!! Who doesn’t love a good meme to start your day off or make your day better when your whole day resembles a cow patty. I’m sure some of these memes are going to be kind of lame but try to stay with me.

1) We all have those days where we just don’t want to feel like “adults” anymore.

2) That twelve point font and times new roman really makes a difference.

3) This meme made me rethink my entire existence.

4) If you want to know what I’m going to be like as a parent, this meme is me.

5) For all those professors who are giving us assignments to do during spring break….

That’s all the memes I’ve got for you and hopefully they made you smile or they were relatable to your life in some way. Either way, continue to live your life to the fullest, have a safe spring break, and stay classy San Diego (or Manhattan or wherever you’re from).

In Sisterhood,

Kelsey Bradford

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