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Why Every Girl Should Have a Guy Best Friend

We all know having our girl friends is very important. They are always there for us to talk about our problems. We support each other through thick and thin. But I believe it’s important that us girls have at least one guy best friend and here’s why:

1. They have a different point of view than us.

We see a situation in one way, but if we talk to our guy friends about it, they have a different view. They will tell us how some people might view us and if that’s good or bad. They have advice when we are fighting with our other friends, classmates, or roommates. Usually they tell us to cut the crap and talk out the problem with the other person that we are fighting with.

2. They are protective.

Don’t get me wrong. Girls are protective of each other, but there’s something about being around a guy that gives you an extra sense of safety. If there’s a guy bothering us, our best friend is there to divert the annoying guy’s attention.

3. They tell us how it is.

If we are doing something they don’t approve of, they will let us know. Guys don’t know how to be subtle and will be blunt with us if something we are doing is bothering them. They usually won’t lie to us about important things in life. They will encourage us to take risks and go after those opportunities such as internships. They also tell us what we shouldn’t do, even though we don’t’ listen to that advice all the time.

4. They are always down for guy activities with you.

Got an extra football ticket? You can count on him to join you at the game and be there cheering with you. He’s willing to watch your favorite sports and overeat junk food with you. Say you just want a day to watch sports or action movies, they will happily join. And they’ll always be willing to grill out for you and the rest of your friend group.

In Sisterhood,

Megan Owens

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