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The Perfect Checklist for a Long Drive Home

Spring break has finally come upon us, which means college kids are either packing up to go on vacation or just heading back home. As for me, I always look forward to going home. Home for me is Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, which is a three hour drive from my college town. Therefore, in order to have the best road trip experience you have to have some things that keep you entertained and to make sure you haven't forgotten anything, so here is my idea of the perfect checklist:

1) Snacks. ​Something about being on the road always gives me the munchies. Every time I go home, I bring some m&ms and peanuts.

2) Drinks. ​It's always important to stay hydrated! Just don't over hydrate so you can avoid unnecessary pit stops!

3) Music. ​It doesn't matter if the car ride is 5 minutes or 5 hours, you always have to jam out to some tunes. Personally, my playlist is all over the place from country, to rock, to Christian rap, and so on. Whatever you like to sing and dance to in the shower, that definitely has to go on your playlist.

4) Sunglasses. ​This is self explanatory, obviously necessary to make you look good. Just kidding, always practice safe eye care!

5) Laundry. ​My favorite thing about going home, is that my parents are gracious enough to let me use their utilities. So thank you, mom, for letting me use all the detergent and softener at home!

6) Favorite pillow. ​I find it so hard to sleep in places I'm no longer accustomed to, so bringing my favorite pillow helps me sleep through the night.

Well, those six are the most important to me, but make sure you don't forget the toothpaste, face wash, and deodorant either! But if you do, chances are your parents have extras. They are always prepared for you to forget things, so give them a huge hug for being awesome when you see them. Anyway, I hope this list helps you make the best of your road trip home, and hopefully your list to go back to college gets longer with some new clothes and possibly more food!

In Sisterhood,

Alyssa Strong

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