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Why Every Girl Needs a Horse

As a transfer student, this has been my first year at K-State. The transition from a junior college to a state university has definitely been something I had to get used to. With that being said, my transition would have been that much more challenging had I not had my horse, Whistle, to help me along. Below is a list of the top five reasons as to why every girl needs a horse.

  1. Unconditional love. Horses have the biggest hearts of any animal on earth. No matter how long you wait between visits, your horse will meet you at the gate with its head held high and a hello nicker.

  2. Big, furry hugs. Midterms have you stressed? No need to fret, simply go out to the ranch and wrap your arms around your horse’s neck. It’s a surefire cure to your college catastrophes.

  3. Better than a boyfriend. Your horse will never leave you for the girl down the road, nor argue they’re right. It’ll walk right alongside you, elated to be spending time with you.

  4. Like dogs you can ride. Do you love your dog’s goofy, carefree personality? Well, you’re in luck. With a horse, you get the easy-going attitude, plus a free ride across the pasture!

  5. Teaches responsibility. With horses, you have to become more aware of multiple things at one time. Having a horse teaches selflessness, as well as compassion and patience. All of which are great attributes to follow you in the workforce.

If the list hasn’t sold you on getting your own horse, come hug Whistle and see for yourself what you’re missing out on!

In Sisterhood,

Micaela Freeman

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