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5 Things to do when going home for break

1. Hug your family - Nothing beats a tight hug from your parents and siblings after not seeing them for weeks, or even months.

2. Spend time with the people you love - whether it be family or friends, catch up with the people who have been there for you through it all.

3. RELAX - There’s no hiding that being away from home and keeping up with school work can be stressful. Take time for yourself and relax before going back to the hectic lifestyle of college.

4. Do the things you enjoy - Spend time doing the things you’ve missed about your hometown while away at school.

5. Go to your favorite restaurant - We all have our favorite restaurant that we talk about even when we are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away. Soak up the good food before having to eat romen and mac n cheese again.

In Sisterhood,

Hannah Seymore

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