8 Tips for Success after Spring Break

Coming back from Spring Break is always hard. But let’s remember that we are half way through the semester with just 7 weeks of school left. Here are some tips that can help you get back into a routine and succeed.

1. Go to bed earlier

It is always important to get sleep. Eight hours is recommended but lets be honest, most of us do not get 8 hours of sleep. Plan your day out so that way you don’t have to stay up till 3am to finish that paper the night before its due. Make 8 hours of sleep a goal!

2. Organize Yourself

Figure out when your exams are and put them on your calendar. Also mark on your calendar when projects and assignments are due. Doing this will allow you to see what you need to focus on first and what can wait to be done later. Don’t wait till the last minute!

3. Be Positive

If you look good, you feel good and thus you do good! Try to keep a positive mindset on things throughout the semester. If surround yourself with positive people you to will pick up on the positive vibes and be a happier person. Even if you do bad on an exam, think what I can do next time to help me study, so I can get a better grade.

4. Eat a Good Breakfast

Eating a good breakfast will help you have a better day. It will help you to stay awake in your morning classes and is key to a healthy balanced diet.

5. Study Groups/Support

Find people in your class and create a study group to help with homework and studying for quizzes or exams. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Tutoring is available for free on campus so that is also something to remember when the study group isn’t enough. Professors also have office hours to take advantage of that time to go in and ask questions.

6. Create Goals

Make a short list of things that you want to accomplish. Give yourself a time frame, it could be this week, this month, this semester, over the summer or the rest of this year. Make sure to keep your goals are specific, attainable and relevant to you and your future.

7. Relax

Find something that makes you feel relaxed and gives you time to yourself. Some examples could be taking your do for a walk, a group fitness class, or learning to crocheting. You will be stressed so find something that give you some “me time”.

8. Keep a Routine

By doing the same thing ever day at the same time you will get into a routine that works for you. This will help you be more productive with your time!

I hope these tips will help you finish the semester strong!

In sisterhood,

Ashlea Baalmann

#college #organization #springbreak #success

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