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The Freshman 15: Tips Not Pounds

1. Prioritize; Don’t Procrastinate

No, the things on your to-do list won’t go away by scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. Prioritize the important things you must do that way you are not studying an hour before an exam.

2. Take some time for yourself.

Set aside time to do things that make you happy and/or relax you. Whether it’s a favorite TV show, reading a book, or exercising, treat yourself especially after a stressful day.

3. Go to class

While early morning classes or the last class you have before the weekend are not fun, make sure you attend your classes. Besides, you will feel much more confident on that next exam or pop quiz if you’ve been in class. A bonus would be sitting in the front row or near the front. Trust me, professors notice that kind of thing and are more willing to work with you.

4. Sleep

Do you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night? More than likely not. So, take notice of the time and activities you do at night and prioritize their importance with your much-needed sleep.

5. Get up and get some breakfast

Breakfast is what many people say is the most important meal of the day, but a lot of us skip it. While I am guilty of hitting that snooze button on my phone way too many times, getting up and starting the day with breakfast really helps. In addition, it gives you time to relax before starting a long day.

6. Call your family and friends at home

It’s okay to want to talk to your mom or your best friend from high school. And in many ways, it’s a great opportunity to relax and build stronger relationships with them.

7. Get involved on campus

Find something to do besides studying. Join a club that interests you and does something you value.

8. Find somewhere you want to study

This could be the library, your room, or anywhere you can get something done. Watching Netflix in the library is still watching Netflix in the library so find somewhere where you can be productive with minimal distractions.

9. Make new friends

Create friendships with people in your classes or clubs because it makes going to those things a lot easier if you a friend to go with. In addition, friends don’t have to be exactly like you and in fact it makes conversations much more entertaining if they are not.

10. Talk to your Professors

If you are unsure about any material taught in class, don’t forget the most knowledgeable person is probably your professor for that class. Email works great if you can’t make their set office hours or want written clarification on something.

11. Study

Take time to learn the materials you’re being taught and don’t memorize. This definitely was a challenge for me coming from high school where I really didn’t have to study a lot. It’s better to understand the concept than the definition.

12. Try something new

This could be a class you have an interest in, getting a new part-time job, or eating something new for dinner. You won’t know unless you try.

13. Accept some help

My first semester, I got a tutor just in case I needed help in my calculus class. And while I didn’t go to every session, it was great to know I had someone who knew what to do and was only a text away. You will be better off in the long run if you stay ahead of the curve rather than be behind it.

14. Stay organized

This is kind of a “go figure” but is something to always keep in mind. Find what works for you to stay organized and stick to it. Know when your next exams are for each class and when other commitments are during the week. In addition, I like to clean my desk off before starting a new homework assignment, studying for an exam, or going to bed. Usually, your desk reflects your state of mind and by cleaning of the extra stuff it’s much easier to say focused on the task at hand.

15. Be Yourself

Don’t forget to remember who you are, cut yourself some slack sometimes, and enjoy life because grades are only a small portion.

In Sisterhood,

MiKayla Deters

#college #universitylife #Agriculture #student

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