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Dealing with the Homesick Blues

Although I love it here at K-State and am happy I have found my Sigma Alpha family, I find myself feeling homesick for Michigan occasionally. The drive is 12 hours therefore, it’s only feasible for me to go home during school breaks. I have found a few things that help with a case of the homesick blues. Here are my top 6 things that I do when I’m homesick.

  1. Call home.

Sometimes just hearing the voices of my family and friends back home makes me feel like I’m there with them. When I call my mom, my dad and brother like to join in on the conversation and it feels like we’re all together again.

  1. Stay Updated

When I know what’s going on in Coopersville, the distance doesn’t seem as great. As silly as it is, I like to scroll through the “Coopersville Informed” page on Facebook. This way I know what’s going on back home and can stay up to date with all the Coopersville gossip and drama.

  1. Watch a Hometown Movie

For me, it’s a movie that was actually filmed in Coopersville, MI, “Touchback.” The movie was never popular, but when I watch it I get to see different parts of my hometown.

  1. Spend time with friends

Friends are a good source of therapy. They help me forget about being homesick and make the time away from home fly by. Most of my friends here at K-State have never been to Michigan so I tell them all about the Mitten State and my hometown as often as I can.

  1. Wear Michigan related clothing

Somehow, I have accumulated lots of Michigan clothing while I’ve been at K-State; from a Michigan State University hoodie to countless t-shirts and crewnecks with The Great Lakes on them.

  1. Look at #PureMichigan Pictures

I personally have a thing for sunsets over Lake Michigan. Something about the sun setting over the quiet waves of the water is calming to me. When I really start to feel homesick, I look back at the beautiful pictures of Pure Michigan.

I hope you can apply some of these tips to your home town/ state when you’re feeling homesick. I must remind myself that these four years at K-State are an adventure and even when I am missing home, coming to Kansas is a choice I will never regret.

In Sisterhood,

Katie Horling

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