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10 Ways College Students Keep their Sanity

1. Find a bomb Spotify playlist (maybe a few)

Spotify is one of my saving graces, finding your top playlists can be a daunting task, but have no fear, Spotify knows its stuff and it helps to have an open mind to genres or styles that you don’t normally listen to. For example, I am by no means a jazzy person, but when I need to crank out that paper at 2 am you know my chill jazz flames playlist is on. Don’t want to take time to make your own playlist? Spotify has a ton of premade playlists ready to go and has this cool feature where it makes a daily mix personalized to what you like to listen to. With the student discount at 5.99 a month? Worth it.  

Here are my top three on Spotify:   Songs to Sing in the Shower , Guilty Pleasures  and Country Icon.

2. Scope out and claim a favorite study spot

Campus is bigger than you think. Whether you are at an University or at your home towns’ community college, there is space you haven’t discovered yet. Check out a building you haven’t been in yet, your union, or the library. For me, I like my study space moderately quiet, so I can put my headphones in and zone out of the world enough to focus but not enough to get lost in my assignments. Here at K-state there are a couple places I like to settle into. In the fall and late spring when the weather is nice, I love to be outside. Bluemont hall has a garden area that is covered in beautiful trees and flowers, and quiet and out of the way.

3. Designate a favorite study snack 

This is the most important part! I am a water and peanut butter M&M’s kind of girl. I go for Einstein’s coffee and bagels in the winter. Always have a snack on you, especially when you are studying. Your brain needs fuel, fuel it!  

4. Plan fun events in advanced 

Have a free weekend coming up? Planning something ahead, like a hiking trip, movie marathon, or road trip, this allows you to have something to look forward too. Planning events in advance can keep you motivated to work hard and get to that point in time where you can take a day or two to have some fun. Remember, work hard but play hard too! 

5. Avoid drama town

Toxic people are not worth it. Stay away from conflict and conflicting people for your own (and probably their) wellbeing. College is hard enough, you don’t need negative Nancy in your ear three times a week at 8 am to make it worse.  

6. Weekly self-reflections 

Self-reflection is so important. Ask yourself every week: why am I doing what I am doing, what is stopping me from achieving this, and how can I overcome. Be your own biggest advocate when it comes to your goals. Taking time to evaluate these goals can give you hope or it can make you realize it’s time to go in another direction. Know yourself and be patient, Rome was not built in a day.  

7. Find an off campus get away 

It is easy to get stuck in the college grind when you are always on campus, especially if you choose to live in the dorms. Do some research to find local parks, coffee shops, hiking spots, trampoline parks, ANYTHING to get away from the college atmosphere. Keep these spots in the back of your mind for when you need an hour get-away. I suggest something outside; fresh air can change a mood in minutes. In Manhattan, I love to go to the Konza, a hiking area just outside of town.  

8. Get a part time job 

A big stressor in many college student’s lives is lack of finances and getting a part time job can sometimes hurt your sanity more than it can help. However, if you find somewhere where they are flexible with hours and are understanding of college schedules, a part time job can be worth it. Not only will you have some extra cash to go towards your education, but you also take those much-needed brain breaks. Just don’t overdo it and remember when your boss asks you to come in on your day off you can always say no.

9. Buy the book and read it

Both steps are the only way this tip works. Professors will tell you if the book is helpful in the course or if it is purely supplemental reading. If they don’t say it up front, ask in the first week of class. Most teachers are honest about how important the book is to the course. If they say that the book covers even just the tiniest of material in the course, buy it and read it.

10. Don't let a bad 10 minutes turn into more than 10 minutes

Bad things happen. They happen at the worst times and getting through those moments can be hard. Sometimes, you'll spill your coffee, you will get a bad test grade, you may trip in front of your crush, and in the grand scheme of your life, those tiny moments of pain be anything more than tiny moments. How you react to the world is completely up to you. In other words, don’t let the haters get you down.

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