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How to Finish the Semester Strong

Finals approaching and many college students struggle with the pressure to finish the semester strong. It is a common issue we are all going through, here are my tips to get through the home stretch of the semester!

1. Organization is key

This tip is different for everyone, however personally this semester I have been bullet journaling and absolutely love it. It is a great way to customize whatever I would like to focus on, whether is is academic, health, or even professional goals. As students we need to explore different ways of organizing (planners, online calendars, bullet journals, etc.) and see what works best for each student.

2. Favorite study spot

For some people, studying at home is not the most productive or efficient way because there are so many distractions, such as Netflix and social media. My tip is to put the phone down, plug some headphones in, and pick a great study spot. I enjoy going to the library, but there are so many other good spots on campus that are hidden gems. Take the time to find a favorite spot!

3. Queue up some good music

I am a huge Spotify user, because I can find great study playlists, or I can make one myself. Music really helps me get in the zone to study and ignore any other distractions going on around me.

4. Know when to take a break

Studying extensively for finals is good, but remember it is important to take a break. Some of my favorite study breaks are watching an episode of my favorite show, going to get Sonic with friends for a little bit, or playing with my pets. Having healthy study breaks is an important part of finals week.

5. Trust oneself

At the end of the day, us students have been preparing for these finals all semester. I remember when I start to doubt myself, I hold the power to succeed. We can do whatever we set our minds too!

In sisterhood,

Audrey Wilson

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