Five Tips for an Outstanding Resume

I have learned a few tips and tricks on how to write resumes over the years, from industry professionals, employers, professors, and my mentors. A resume can make or break an opportunity to get a foot in the door with a company. I believe there are a few tricks in creating a resume that stands out against all others and will make a company recruiter remember your resume. Here are my five main points to creating an outstanding resume. Here are my five main points.

Who are you?

There are a couple key objectives to think about when creating a resume. When writing my resume, I like to think about what my goals are and what my target career might be. This will help me determine what I want to capitalize on and how I want to stand out through my resume.

Key Words & Numbers

Another piece of advice would be to use key words and to always include numbers when possible. I like to look over the job/internship description and pull key words from there. If in the description they say- “self starter, motivated, organized, ect.” These are perfect hints on how to shape your resume to what they are looking for and these simple words will really stand out to them. I also like to use action words when writing my job descriptions that way they truly stand out. I would also suggest including numbers as much as possible. For example, when writing a description like “Engage with farmers on a day-to-day basis” instead write “Engage with 10-12 farmers on a day-to-day basis”. Numbers automatically attract the eye and give a better description of what is being done.

Work experience

This is an essential part of a resume. This is where key words and using numbers really come into play. I like to use action words, especially at the beginning, and then really diving deep into what I did and how I helped achieve each task. I would also advise to keep these descriptions short and sweet. There is no need to write a paragraph for each one, they want to know a short and precise summary.

Leadership experience