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Manhattan's Greatest Places to Grab Coffee

As a college student, I would like to think that I have become a professional coffee consumer. Manhattan has some of the best coffee spots to catch up with friends, do homework, or just enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere.

One of my favorite coffee places, hands down is the Radina’s in Aggieville. There is something about this specific Radina’s that beats out the rest. My go-to order is always a vanilla latte, but I would recommend any of their coffee! The flavor of this coffee is top notch and I would make it a priority to run in and give it a try. They also have lots of outlets for your computer battery needs on a late-night study session!

Another one of my favorite late-night study places is the Bluestem Bistro located around the corner from Radina’s in Aggieville. This is a great place to get some late-night studying done, since it stays open until 11 p.m. They have a variety of coffee that is different enough from the rest to make it stand out. It was one of the places that offered me my first Cuban Coffee, which I would recommend as well! Also, they have an awesome biscuits and gravy for weekend mornings, and for relatively cheap as well!

Paramour Coffee is a rare undiscovered gem. It’s located right next to a bank in the Old Chicago/Mr. K’s area. This quality coffee can take a little longer, but one of my favorite coffee shops on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. While they are only open till 2pm on most days, their great service and coffee makes your experience one to remember. They also have a few different breakfast pastries or sandwiches that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. If you are looking for a unique spot to take your friends, or family when they come to visit, this is definitely the place to go!

The last of my frequently visited favorites is Arrow coffee. While its located right next to campus, it’s a buzzing place. It’s coffee has a strong and unique flavor that makes it stand out from any other coffee that I have tried in Manhattan. If you don’t mind the low typical buzz of a coffee shop as background noise, it would make for a great study place! You will also usually run into someone you know each and every time you enter this little coffee shop!

Overall Manhattan has some of the best coffee places that I have experienced. They all provide a great spot to do homework or just a place to grab a much-needed coffee for a college student’s stressful schedule.

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