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Senior Bucket List

“I’m a senior graduating in May.” This statement is something I have found myself saying a lot whether that be to future employers, family, and other classmates. This statement is also something that really scares me considering all I have really known to be a constant in my life the last 15 years is going to school. Recently, I have found myself getting caught in the moment and then realizing that next year at this time my life is going to be completely different. I will have my “big kid job,” most likely not be living in Manhattan or even Kansas anymore, and I will also be leaving all my best friends who I have grown so close to over the last four years. All these things terrify me, however instead of being scared of the new chapter in my life, I decided to make a senior year bucket list and try and do most of it with my best friends along my side. I’m determined to make the most memories and soak up all the moments that I possibly can while I have time, because soon all of this will change.

Senior year bucket list, Kansas State University edition

1. Try all the restaurants in MHK that I haven’t yet

From the Blue Moose to the taco truck on the corner of Kimball and Tuttle Creek, there are still some restaurants in Manhattan that I haven’t tried.This semester I have already started crossing off a few including Coco Bolos and Houlihan’s.A couple more that are on my list are Tap House, Jeff’s Pizza (specifically their lunch buffet), and Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill.

2. Go wine tasting a Liquid Art Winery

I recently turned 21, and I need to try a wine or beer tasting place. In Manhattan, if you are looking to try some great wines, the place to go is Liquid Art Winery, so I’ve heard at least.One of these weekend my best friends and I will have to venture out there and finally try it.

3. Participate in karaoke night at Kite’s

Wednesday night karaoke is something I have heard others talk about for years I haven’t gotten the chance try this karaoke night just yet. I am looking forward to singing some off pitch Shania Twain with my best friends and truly just live in the moment.

4. Attend a game for each K-State Sport

One thing that I’m not proud to say is that the only K-State sports games I’ve ever been to are football and baseball.This year, I want to try and attend a game of every sport, from soccer to women’s volleyball, I want to see all of them.

5. Go on a weekend road trip with my best friends

A couple spring breaks ago my friends and I took a road trip to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.Let me tell you that was the most fun spring break I’ve had ever and we still talk about it to this day. Now, I’m not saying we go all the way to Arizona, but a weekend road trip with my best friends is something that we need to do before we all graduate and go our separate ways.

6. Eat in the Derby one last time

The Derby is the eating complex for the dorms, it is commonly known as the ‘Derb’, When I was a freshman and all I had to eat was the Derb food every day, I quickly began to not like it. Now looking back and being in my own house where I have to cook my own meals, I find myself wishing I could just go back to having all my meals prepared for me at the Derb.In order to relive that memory just once, I want to go with my friends and eat there one last time for old time’s sake.

Graduation will be here before I know it and I will be packing up my car to move who knows where.Before I do that though, I want to accomplish all the things on this list so when I look back on my college experience 20 years from now, I can truly say I lived it up to its full potential.

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