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Tips for an outstanding interview

Interviews are a fundamental part of a college students’ life, as we are introduced in to the professional world. With practice and experience, interviews become much easier, however there are some tips that can help you be successful in an interview!

1. Be authentic

I find it crucial to let my passions shine during an interview, and this usually comes along with being true to myself. According to Forbes, the most important thing to do is be yourself! It is also imperative to show what we care about. Whatever it may be that we are passionate about we need to make sure we show that to a potential employer.

2. Do not be afraid to show yourself off

The fundamentals behind this tip includes having an exceptional resume and goes back to the first tip, being ourselves. Interviews are a time to shine and tell about all of the great things you have done in class, clubs, jobs and internships. Be sure to think through some of those situations so you are prepared when walking into an interview. With these two assets, we can use them as fuel to show our best side during our interviews. Live Career notes we should “sell ourselves and then close the deal”, by showing what assets we can bring the company.

3. First impressions count

Interviews give us an extremely limited time; thus, it is essential to make the time count. This means we need to stand out from our peers to make a lasting impression. According to Forbes, a great first impression can begin as simply as giving a genuine smile and firm handshake. Personally, I think about what the company or interviewer is looking for, and then I consider qualities I have that would be beneficial to the company.

4. Be professional, yet personable

This is something that I grew in to as I got more interview and professional experience. At first, this was difficult because I would be shy when I first met someone or had an interview, but I soon realized that I needed to come out of my shell and be more personable, while keeping it professional. Once we master being authentic, this tip often becomes easily achievable. According to The Muse, in order to get the job, we must connect with the interviewer in some way. Being personable can definitely help accomplish this.

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