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K-State, I will miss you

As graduation is quickly approaching in May, the realization that my adventure as an undergraduate is coming to an end. Where did the time go? It seems just like yesterday I was moving into the dorms with a high school friend. Now I am getting ready to move across the country on my own to start the process towards obtaining my dream job. As I prepare to transition into this new phase of my life, there is so many things that I will miss once I leave Manhappiness.

‘The Bill’

I will miss the amazing atmosphere and wonderful friendships made at ‘The Bill’. From eating the tailgate food, hanging out with friends and family, to cheering on the beloved cats. It is always a great time watching wildcat football. It will not be the same coming back and not being in the student section doing the Wabash with fellow students.

School Clubs and Organizations

Going to club meetings each week can sometimes be annoying when you have homework pilling up, but the friendships made and lessons learned while in attendance is something I will never forget. Through these clubs, I found friends who were interested in the same things I was. I learned about the vast opportunities in the industry, which lead me to my future career.

My Roommates

There is nothing quite like living in your first house away from your parents with your college friends. The consistent struggle of trying to figure out how to adult is always more fun when you have roommates to share these memories with. Whether it is, laughing at each other’s failed attempt to make their mom’s favorite dish, or trying to find the one smoke alarm with a dying battery, these are the days that I will never forget and am glad I was able to share them with a great group of girls.

The local cuisine

You don’t notice how nice it is to live in a college town until you leave. In regular non-college towns, restaurants are not open late compared to those near a college. If I want a donut while in college late at night on a Thursday, I can just take a short walk to the varsity truck. If I want a donut outside of normal business hours in a regular town, I have to go to Walmart and get the left over ones from that morning and hope they aren’t stale.

The K-State Family

If you’ve ever been to Kansas State University, you are part of the K-State family. The culture on campus is welcoming and encouraging. I will miss having the support and being surrounded by amazing people every time I walk onto campus. Everyone is so friendly and even on a campus with over 24,000 students, you still have that small school feel.

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