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Coping with College Stress

Being at college comes with many responsibilities or requirements that pull me in every direction. Among learning all the valuable information in classes, being a college student means learning life lessons, like learning to cope with stress.

Everybody has different methods, but for me some of the major ways would be making time to be with friends. They also know what I am going through, and they can help take my mind off it through smiles and laughter. Another way I de-stress is working out. I always make it a point to have time carved out during the day to go to the gym and work out; it takes my mind off a hectic day.

Many times, the feeling of homesickness can creep up on me, on top of everything else. To deal with that I like to make phone calls home, whether it be to my parents or close relatives, the conversation always gives me encouragement to continue my studying and to keep working hard even though it might be stressful.

A large factor of dealing with the stresses of college is to manage my time, and schedule everything out; my planner is everything! By organizing my time, I avoid staying up all night to cram for an exam or write a paper, giving me the time to get the amount of sleep I need. College is hard enough without all the extra stresses that gets thrown in, but the important thing is figuring out what works for personal preferences and knowing how to manage and cope with life stresses.

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