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Why work at camp war eagle?

Camp War Eagle is a Christian camp located off of Beaver Lake in Rogers, Arkansas. The camp is spread out over 600 acres of beautiful forest land and rolling hills with 100 different classes and activities offered to the underserved and underprivileged youth of Northwest Arkansas. During this last summer, I devoted six weeks to taking part in impacting children ranging in ages between seven and seventeen. During my employment, I was positively affected from my experience. Below are the top three reasons why working at Camp War Eagle will be the best way to spend your summer.

  1. Impacting the lives of our future: The kids you get to work with are extremely unique! From the little kids to the seniors in high school, they are all amazing. I was able to learn just as much from the campers as the campers will learned from me. Not only being able to watch, but also personally counseling the future generation in their walk with God is something I was able to experience every day when I worked here.

  2. Personal spiritual growth: While at camp, I was surrounded by over 500 like minded individuals. Being able to counsel others and be counseled by others is an unexplainable experience. Although my focus is on the kids of camp, God’s blessings did not fall short of me! Working at camp is the perfect opportunity to face tough decisions and have others around to help support me during those times. It is also such a special time to be able to see God’s work be done right in front of my eyes.

  3. Teaching kids how to ride horses: Jesus and horses, what more could you ask for?! Although there are many activities to choose from to teach the children, my preference was working in the horse barn. Being able to use one of God’s creations to help teach the children adds another layer of illustriousness to the whole experience. Seeing the bond between horse and child is indescribable all on its own.

Working at Camp War Eagle taught me the importance of grace and patience, not only with the children, but also in the workplace. My spiritual growth that occurred while working there was something I could not experience anywhere else. There is something special about camp that impacted me in such a positive way. If counseling children in Christ sounds interesting to you, you can apply at The application and interview non committing, so take the leap and see what camp is all about!

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