Six Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Winter has officially set in. This means cold weather, loads of homework, and the inevitable cabin fever. In an effort to avoid getting stuck in this rut, I’ve made a list of ways to help avoid the onset of cabin fever!

1)Break out the board games Sometimes something as simple as a game of cards with your friends can be just the break you need from your responsibilities. Anything from a simple game of Go-Fish to organizing a pitch tournament will do!

2) Rearrange your furniture Are you getting tired of the same old, same old? Try taking an hour or two to move some things around in your apartment or dorm. Once you get your place looking like new, you’ll look forward to returning there to escape from the cold!

3) Try out a new recipe We all have a Pinterest board with recipes we’ve been saving for “someday.” Make today “someday,” and give one a try. It could turn out to be a new favorite, or a great excuse to order in pizza. The more friends to share with, the better!

4) Ever heard of pre-spring cleaning Why wait until the spring to do your cleaning? Take a couple of hours during a cold afternoon to tidy up. It’s surprising how a clean environment can lift your mood. Plus, it will leave more time to spend outdoors once the weather clears up!

5) Volunteer your time Sometimes all you need to brighten your day is to give your time to others. While juggling a busy college schedule can be a challenge, many organizations will welcome even just an hour of your time. Check out your local food pantry, animal shelter, church or school for ideas on ways to volunteer your time!

6) Head outside It may be cold out, but that doesn’t have to get you down. Bundle up, go outdoors, and enjoy some winter activities! Going on a hike, having a snowball fight, or taking a short walk are all great ways to enjoy some time out of the house.

Getting stuck in your everyday routine can make you feel even more lost in the cold, darkness of winter. As I await the coming of spring, I know I will be trying these out as the winter months drag on, and I hope you will too!

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