Surviving School After Spring Break: My Top 10 Tips

Everyone knows that coming back to school after Spring Break is the worst. Here are the best 10 ways I have found help me cope and finish the semester strong!

  1. Grab a Planner and write in due dates! - Don’t slip behind in school work. Stay on top of what’s coming and be prepared

  2. Take a Break - It’s hard to jump back into to the full swing of things! Give yourself time to adjust, but don’t lose focus!

  3. COFFEE!!! - Coffee is always your friend, but after sleeping in for a whole week coffee will make that 8:30 class so much more bearable.

  4. Ditch the laptop - take notes by hand so you aren’t tempted to online shop or check your social media.

  5. Find Good Things! - It’s too easy to be overwhelmed by the papers, projects, and tests. Find positive things to focus on and celebrate little victories!

  6. Workout - Don’t slow down just because spring break is over. Find a buddy and go for a jog or hit the rec. Getting moving is a good way to ground yourself and help your brain work!

  7. Get a study buddy - With finals creeping up on us, find a partner in your classes to start studying with! It’s never too early to start prepping and classmates make for great tools!

  8. Meal Plan - It’s easy to forget to eat or take care of yourself. Start your week with a meal plan (especially if you live off campus) and be a step ahead of the game!!

  9. Give yourself a bedtime! All of spring break you stayed up until 3am binging Netflix, now it’s time to get get back to class. Give yourself a bedtime--and stick to it--and you’ll be ready for that 8:30 class.

  10. HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE - It’s so easy to get a bad attitude, but life is always easier when you choose to see the good things!

In sisterhood,



Kansas State University Sigma Alpha

Edited by, Toccoa Cochrane 

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