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Changing Winds

Everyone at one point in their life fears change. It’s the monster that hides behind an invisible curtain, and just when you think it’s gone, it pops out in front of you. From the seasons to hair color things change, and sometimes you don’t notice it happens. These past two weeks I’ve noticed many things change. My sleep schedule has probably seen the most massive change, due to spring break and my love of procrastinating studying till ten o’clock at night. I’ve decided to change my diet and make a switch to healthier foods. However, the biggest changes I’ve observed have come from other people.

One of my dearest friends seems to have lost her way. Despite her confusion in life, she is incredibly successful. She, of all fifty kids that graduated in my high school class, is the one who I think is the most successful thus far. I spoke with her on the phone the other evening, and we discussed change together. She mentioned how she wanted to change her own eating habits and control what she put into her body. She wants to change how she lives her life and who she lives it with. I have always thought she was a beautiful person, but I am so proud to witness her change and to walk with her along this path.

My boyfriend and his family are changing their business focus. For the past several generations, his family has combined the fields of North East Kansas. Over the past few months, they have decided to switch to cutting silage, and cutting silage only. This past weekend they had an auction to sell their combine and other equipment. While they are excited to venture farther from home on new business ventures, I could tell that letting their combine go was a hard task. There is something about driving a combine through waving fields of wheat that is unlike any other experience, and it will be missed by all.

Change is something that is impossible to avoid. People and objects enter our lives, and eventually leave, whether we want them to or not. It is incredibly hard to look towards the future with an open mind not knowing what is coming. I like to think about it like a new wind blowing in. Sometimes it brings things with it; rain, clouds, and even tumbleweeds. Sometimes it pushes those things away. Change is an infinite thing. It will always happen, whether we want it to or not. So it is always important to keep your eye on the sky for when it pushes the clouds away.

In Sisterhood,


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