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Living up to my Childhood Nickname

My mom’s parents live in Kansas City, Kansas. During the summer, my brother and I would take turns to go to Mommo and Poppo “training” camps. When I went down the only thing I would want to do is play computer games, like Slingo, JumpStart, and Chuzzle. I always wanted my brain to be thinking. I was also that girl who took her half-finished workbooks from school and finished them during the summer… Through all of this I earned a childhood nickname of the Computer Brain.

Growing up, I really didn’t think I was more tech savvy than the rest of my peers. This nickname felt like it never fit me. Now that I am in college, I have realized there are many reasons why I have lived up to my childhood nickname and here are a few of those reasons.

  • I travel an hour and a half to fix my grandparents tech devices.

We all know that phone call that either says that their iPad won’t turn on, their tv is messed up, or their printer will not print. As the grandchild, we use this as an excuse to go spend quality time with our grandparents and try to fix their electronic devices. Usually, I take my grandparents lunch, fix their devices, and catch up with them. They know to call the computer brain to get all their IT services.

  • I have built two websites for my family.

I wanted to create a family cookbook for my grandma and her sisters. I originally was just going to go through a company to print them and realized I still had to type all the recipes in for that to be published. To save money and time I made a free website to be able to edit, add, and store my family’s treasured recipes. Click here to view it! ( )

The second website I made was for my mom’s business. She had hired out her website to be created when she began, and that person was charging her way more for what she needed on it. I decided to restart her website and make it so she could have online orders for her business as well. It took me about 48 hours to get it up and running properly. To learn more about her business click here!


  • My major is all about Excel and how to make the computer do all the work.

In my time at K-State, I have taken not one but three classes all about excel and various tools that you can use it for. My final in one class is building a model on the determinants of beef cattle auction prices. At the end, I should be able to use it to predict what a change in each variable does to the overall price at auction.

  • My brain never stops thinking.

Just ask the officer team, my brain never stops thinking. Just sitting in class I can run through two different activities that Sigma Alpha could be involved in or five different ways to schedule out my afternoon. It is constantly trying to make things more efficient to utilize the amount of time in a day.

In Sisterhood,


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