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Five Things Having a Roommate Has Taught Me

I have had the same roommate my entire time in college. We started out as roommates in the dorms and have shared an apartment during our sophomore and junior years. Throughout our years of living together, I have not only found one of my best friends but have learned quite a few life lessons along the way as well! Here are the top five things living with a roommate has taught me!


Everyone learns how to share from their first day of preschool but living with another person is a whole new level of sharing. Growing up, I had my own bedroom since I could remember. When I got to college and lived in the dorms, I had to share four walls with another person. I learned the importance of personal space and how to keep myself organized to respect other someone else’s personal space.

The Importance of Quiet Time

There’s the saying that your college roommate will become one of your best friends, for me, that has been the case. Living with your bestie however means spending lots of time together.

Living with a best friend as a roommate has taught me the importance of quiet time by myself. It took me awhile to realize that although we’re friends, we can’t be around each other 24/7 if we want to stay sane.

How to Deal with Differences

Living with a roommate can lead to minor inconveniences and disagreements over how to wash dishes or how to cook a certain meal. Although my roommate and I came from similar backgrounds, we grew up learning how to do things differently, and we both thought our way of doing things was the superior way. Throughout these experiences, I have learned to let some little things go, such as the proper way to boil an egg!

Resolve Conflicts

No one likes fighting with their best friend, especially when you live together. Throughout my experience of having a roommate, I have learned how to work through conflicts without it affecting our friendship. I have learned the importance of talking through things to get a resolution and how to prevent conflicts from ever starting.

Divide & Conquer

Living with another person leads to a never-ending list of things to do. There is cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, the list goes on and on. In my case, I love the cleaning part, but it isn’t necessarily my roommate’s forte; she would rather do more of the cooking. Having a roommate has taught me to embrace my strengths and split up that tasks. It leads to a much happier friendship when the chores are divided.

In Sisterhood,

Katie Horling

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