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My College Story

I remember when I first started college in the fall of 2016. I was excited, but very nervous. I was 22 hours from home in a completely new place that I only knew a few people. At least I knew people at all; however, it was still a big change, it was a lot to take in. I was ready to be in a different place and start my college career. A few days went by and it was fine. I was busy adjusting to dorm life and being in a large town and having thousands of college kids around me all the time. There was always something going on. I knew I needed to stay busy so I would not become homesick, but that was easier said than done. The next week I began to get a little sad. I missed home and my dog and animals. I had made a few friends so that was nice, but it was still hard adjusting. It was not until the third week that I was truly happy and understood that all this change was temporary and that soon I would be calling K-State my home and would meet so many amazing people and never want to leave. My advice to incoming freshman who are worried about being homesick is to remember this is something you are fortunate to be able to come and learn. To experience a wonderful life time change with others who are doing the same. Once you find your group of friends you will be at home and everything will fall into place like it should. I am thankful for giving K-State the chance because now it is my second home.

In Sisterhood,

Rory Scilacci

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