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What Sigma Alpha Means to Me

What is your first impression of a sorority? Do you picture something from the movie, “Legally Blonde” or do you imagine something with endless parties? Well, I’m here to tell you that sororities can be so much more than that. All throughout high school and even the start of college, I never thought I’d join a sorority. I never thought I was the type of girl to be in a sorority… and yet here I am now, a freshman in college and a proud member of the Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority.

Since starting college, I feel as though my eyes have been opened to so many new ideas and opportunities, those of which I am very grateful for. During an RA training session I attended last semester, one of my (now-sisters) talked to me about recruitment and joining Sigma Alpha. At first, the idea seemed crazy but I’m so glad I went through with it. A few weeks of member candidate training, several events and memories later, here I am!

In Sigma Alpha, we represent our four pillars: scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. Since it is also a professional agricultural sorority, I have been able to connect with other women that share my passion for agriculture. So while some may see a sorority as a loosely connected group of people, I see it as so much more. To me, Sigma Alpha represents a sisterhood that promotes women like me in agriculture. We are all so connected and we strive to improve in all that we do. Thanks to this organization and those in it, my vision of a sorority has been completely changed. I hope it changed your perspective for the better as well.

In sisterhood,

Christina Peterson

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