Distance Means Little When Your Sister Means A Lot

A fellow Sigma Alpha sister accepted a kidding and lambing internship in Fort Morgan, Colorado. The internship required a 3-month commitment from her. Considering I could not imagine going without seeing her for that long, I decided to plan a weekend trip and visit her.

With my bags in tow, I left Manhattan and headed west. Once I arrived, there was of course an overdue embrace between us. After we caught up on the latest in each other’s lives, we set out for Fort Collins where we would spend most of our weekend. She connected with a local group of Colorado students and learned to swing dance, so with that knowledge under her belt, I expected nothing less than for her to take me to a swing dancing venue. I stepped on her feet all night. The next morning we ventured further into Denver and spent entirely too much money at the Cinch Factory Store. To save our bank accounts, we decided to enjoy the warm, Colorado weather at a local park. Since both of us are majoring in Animal Sciences, we could not pass up the opportunity to get matching cow print tattoos from a famous tattoo shop in downtown Denver. After our appointments, we headed back to Fort Morgan for some much needed time with the livestock.

On our last day together, we decided there was no better way to end our time together than to attend the local church service. After worship, we ran back out to the ranch and fed the lambs and kids their noontime meals. As our time came to a close, we reflected on our great weekend over a sandwich during lunch. The trip may have been 950 miles long, but I would do it again if it meant seeing my sister in agriculture!

In Sisterhood,

Micaela Freeman

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