Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

After leaving my hometown of Wichita to attend Kansas State University in pursuit of a dream of going to vet school some day, I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone. I would say this began when I decided to minor in Leadership Studies with a non-profit focus. Leadership has always been an integral role in my life, however getting the opportunity to practice it as an adult has changed me completely.

One example of stepping out of my comfort zone is a new job I started this summer. I grew up in the city, and only have had experience working at the Cat Hospital of Wichita. I love this clinic so dearly, as they have inspired much of my passion for veterinary medicine, however I knew I needed to get other experiences under my belt to be prepared for vet school. I heard the Dairy Farm for KSU was hiring and decided to give it a try this summer. It is much different than I am used to, but I am learning new things everyday I am there and getting hands-on experience you can’t beat.

Although it can be challenging for me at times, I have never regretted stepping out of my comfort zone. Even if it does not end up going how I planned or expected, I always get the reward of learning and growing. I believe everyone should try to do things (even if they are little) in order to step out of your comfort zone, and ultimately grow as a person.

In Sisterhood,

Audrey Wilson

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