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9 Reasons Everyone Should Have at Least One Internship

1. Practice applying and interviewing for a job position.

Learning how to fill out an application that highlights and explains your strengths is not easy. Interviews take practice and repetition to feel comfortable with your answers and the etiquette.

2. Experience working a full-time position.

College is much different than a full-time job. An internship gives you practice working a “9-5” schedule and working with others in a corporate setting.

3. Decide if you would potentially like this as your future job or not.

An internship lets you explore careers to decide if you want to work in this field or sector in the future. Or you may not enjoy our internship and learn that this is not something that you want to do in your future.

4. Expand your knowledge on a subject of your interest.

Internships are a great opportunity to learn and supplement what you have learned in classes.

5. Learn independence and problem solving skills.

Most internships will give you an individual project. These projects give you responsibility and an opportunity to gain independence and problem solving skills.

6. Make industry networking connections.

Interning for a company for a few months will allow you to meet several people within the company. Often, they can also connect you with people with similar roles in other companies.

7. Gain confidence.

The experience and what you learn from your internship will make you feel more confident and qualified when applying for positions in the future,

8. Boost your resume and recommendations.

Internships look great on resumes’ because they show that you have some experience or background in the area. You can also use the industry connections you make as recommendations for future positions.

9. Opportunity for a future full-time job offer.

Some internships will offer you a full-time job for after graduation if you perform well. This is an amazing perk if you enjoyed your internship.

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