Dealing with Tragedy in College

College is hard. There’s really not a better way to put it. It gets even harder when you have to deal with tragedies and still attend classes. It gets worse when you are far from home.

Recently my home farm had a tractor and implement burn down. It was awful. I had been home the entire weekend and had to drive back to Manhattan while waiting on an update to hear if everyone was ok. It was heartbreaking to not be able to be home.

Then, more recently, while I was visiting home, I heard an ambulance call about a rolled pickup. It turns out, three of our hired hands had swerved to miss a deer and rolled a pickup. Two of the guys broke vertebrae, and the other broke multiple ribs.

I know of many other examples; these just happen to be fresh in my mind.

So how is someone supposed to handle this?

Tragedies can take many forms, and it all depends on the individual to define it. For me, it was a tractor burning down, for someone else it might be a tornado, the loss of a love one, or a hard freeze killing crops. Anything can happen.

The best way I’ve found to deal with tragedies and unfortunate circumstances is to be open and talk about them. Have a support group that can help you deal with these things and that can be present for you. Being present doesn’t mean in the same room necessarily. It can mean a phone call or text or whatever works for you. Remember that its ok to not be ok. Your problems are not less deserving than anyone else’s.

The most important thing is to take time for yourself. Allow yourself to process your emotions and work through them.

In Sisterhood,

Emma Purvis

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