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There's No Place Like Home

The other day I was helping my brother move equipment from field to field. As we began our three-hour journey through rural Kansas, I found myself reflecting, and often in awe, of the raw beauty rural Kansas has to offer.

Allow me to give some background on myself. My name is Kayley, and I come from a 6th-generation family farm in south-central Kansas where we raise wheat, corn, soybeans, milo, cotton, and run a 350 cow-calf herd. With my mother being a travel agent and my father being a farmer, two of my favorite things include traveling and being outdoors. Through my travels, I have been blessed to see some truly amazing things; places so perfect that catching your breath can be difficult. Although I love visiting these places, I always find myself eager to return home to the under-appreciated beauty of rural Kansas. Yes, I am aware that there are no mountains or oceans; but have you ever seen a pink and orange sunset against a golden field of wheat, or watched a thunderstorm sweep across the plains showing all its power and fury? Have you ever walked in a pasture and felt the undeniable presence of God as you watched a creek gently curve through across the prairie, or looked up to see stars so clear it feels as if you could reach out and touch the heavens? Have you ever watched a group of newborn calves run and jump over the hills on a warm spring day, or checked cows during a winter storm but somehow still be amazed by the beauty of the snow all around? I have, and always find myself being drawn back like a moth to a flame.

Kansas is more than a fly-over state, it is a treasure chest of unappreciated beauty most people do not have the luxury of enjoying. Much like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I believe there is no place like home.

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