Transitioning to college with the help of Sigma Alpha

The first semester as a college student is a scary and very new process. I worried about making friends, fitting in, or even be able pass my classes. Sigma Alpha has given me best friends, sisters, and the greatest support group.

Coming from small town McLouth, Kansas and graduating in a class of 42, K-State has been a big transition. Sigma Alpha provided me with girls to sit with in large lecture halls and allowed me to come across a familiar face every now and then. My sisters have given me such a strong support system and people to rely on in life or when I’m just needing a little help in a class.

Sigma Alpha not only has put great people in my life but has given me many amazing opportunities. It prepared me for my first career fair and what professional dress was, to getting to interact and ask questions to future employers. It has also given me the ability to see what kind of future jobs and internships are available to me during and after graduation. Also, being involved in Sigma Alpha has made me not only accountable for my grades and actions but knowing my sisters in Sigma Alpha are relying on me to be the best student I can be.

Not only has this chapter given me many academic opportunities, is has also allowed me to stay socially and physically active. I got the opportunity to play one of my favorite sports, volleyball, with my sisters of Sigma Alpha. It allowed me to build a different relationship with my sisters.

I joined Sigma Alpha to make friends and be able to connect with women who have similar interest as me. Sigma Alpha has given me amazing friends, future roommates, bigger future goals, and the best support group. Thank you to the women of Sigma Alpha.

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Edited by, Toccoa Cochrane 

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