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College....from my couch

I’m currently writing this while sitting at home on my couch, and it’s not exactly where I thought I would be writing this post from. However, with everything that is happening it is definitely okay! This is my second semester at K-State and tomorrow (Saturday the 21st) I get to move out of the dorms, even though I didn’t think I would be doing so until May. With that being said, my first semester and a half at K-State has been amazing and I’ve made so many friends and gotten to try several new things. Now that I’m cooped up at home I decided to write about five things that you can do to help keep yourself busy, while trying to avoid cabin fever!

  1. Apply for scholarships! I always find myself using the excuse, “I just don’t have time, I’m too busy.” Well now that we all have more free time on our hands we can put this to good use by applying for scholarships. College is expensive and this down time has the potential to be used to come up with some funds to pay for it, especially if your job has told you to stay home due to reduced operating hours.

  2. Keep up with your friends! Even though we can’t be going out to see each other it is important for us to stay connected and check in on each other. One program that I’m sure some of you are very familiar with by now is Zoom. You can use it on your phone or on your laptop, and it’s a great way to video chat and you can have a ton of people online at the same time. I’ve already got a couple of study groups set up for some of my classes using Zoom! If that’s not your cup of tea then try just a plain old phone call. I love when people call me on the phone instead of texting!

  3. Get moving and exercise! I know I know, but my 2020 beach body is depending on me getting up off of the couch at some point to do something. It can even be as simple as going for a walk, bonus points if you can take your dog! It’s totally okay to go out and exercise, as long as we practice social distancing. Another fun thing that I’ve been waiting to try is some old 90’s jazzercise videos that I found, but we’ll see…

  4. Try a new recipe! If you guys are like me then I know your Pinterest board is overflowing with recipes you haven’t had the chance to make yet. Now is a really great time to whip out the cookie sheets and get baking! Even making an old family recipe can be fun.

  5. Try rearranging your furniture! While I’ve been home the last couple of weeks my room has seen several different layouts. It’s low stress and you can always change it back to how you had it before! After I get my stuff out of the dorms tomorrow I’ll have to find a spot for my overgrown bean bag and I can’t wait (cue the sarcasm). All in all though it’s a nice way to waste a bunch of time!

Even though this semester isn’t what any of us had planned it is still up to us to make the most out our situation. Hopefully these ideas on what you can do in your spare time will help you to make the most out of your situation!

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