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Taking a Break

Last semester I had to make the toughest decision of my college career thus far: to withdraw from classes and leave Manhattan or to blow off what I was feeling and stay. Even though I had my Service Dog in Training, Iris, she just wasn’t enough. My depression overtook my mind and body to the point where I could barely go to class or my appointments. I had lost all motivation and had no hope for the future.

Sleep was my main coping mechanism, which was not healthy at all. All I would do was sleep, which hurt my relationships with others, along with my academic progress. Thankfully, I still had family and this wonderful sisterhood. With their guidance, along with the guidance of my counselor, we came to the conclusion that I was not well enough to keep doing what I was doing. I needed more help than what KSU could offer me. However, I was not ready to say goodbye. I continued for a while longer until, thankfully, I had to make a crisis appointment with the KSU Counseling Services.

That is when I decided I needed to act and do something about it. I went and talked with my advisor and figured out how I would be able to continue the semester if at all. Before contacting my professors, I went back home to Shawnee to start Intensive Outpatient Therapy. I took a step towards recovery.

Even though it was not a desirable, I took the necessary steps to get my life back on track. Sometimes taking a step back from what you are working towards is a very beneficial thing.

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