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Every year my family and I do two big gardens full of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We also raise chickens, dairy goats, cattle, horses, sheep… you name it, we probably have it. Over the past years, my mom and I would go buy produce at the local farmer market and support our close family friends in their business. The past summer, my mom and I decided that we should put our work to use and start attending the local markets as well. My mom and I had already started making dairy goat soap and selling it to family friends. The Farmer Markets takes every member of the family, as my brother raises and milks his own dairy goats, my mother is the “mother hen” of the county, my dad is the backbone farmer/rancher that cares for everything, and my grandparents help with the garden as they are teaching me their tricks and tips.

The area we live in hosts Farmer Markets during the summer on Wednesday night and Saturday morning, and they have even added to rural market areas on Monday and Friday nights. During the wintertime, there are two markets held every month at our local Water’s True Value. My mother and I attended a few markets over the summer and winter with our vegetables, broiler chickens, and dairy milk soap. It is so great to be a part of the market and talk to so many new people. I have got to make connections with people and talk to people that used to haul cattle for my great grandpa. I also get to be surrounded by several individuals that put several hours into their baking, gardening, crafts, and so many other productions. I enjoy being involved within the community and doing something I enjoy. I have been able to work on social media marketing, communication and so many other skills that will help me in the future. I am also taking a position as the local coordinator for the rural area for the Farmers Market, which will help me grow and work towards my end career goal as an extension agent or agriculture teacher. If you are in an area with a Farmers Market and are already growing produce or doing other things, I encourage getting involved! If you are looking to try out some dairy goat milk soap check out, Miller Valley Farm on Facebook!

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