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February 16, 2020

February 14, 2020

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Leadership Seminar

February 14, 2020

AGR + ΣΑ Leadership Seminar


Along with the Alpha Zeta chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho, our own Alpha Omega chapter of Sigma Alpha traveled to St. Louis, Missouri on February 7th to attend an annual leadership s


eminar.  Kansas State Sigma Alpha offered twelve members, including myself, the opportunity to attend this event.  The seminar occurred over two days and included a full agenda with beneficial workshops and chapter bonding events.  This year’s sessions were based around the theme: “Own Your World.”  


Three Benefits of Attending AGR + ΣΑ Leadership Seminar:


1. Chapter bonding: From the long car ride to the professional workshops, leadership seminar allowed our twelve members to become closer with each other.  The opportunity to interact in a new setting—sharing ideas and inspirations—highlighted the individuality of each person and also confirmed our collective passion for agriculture and devotion to the development of our chapter.


2. Networking with fellow ΣΑ chapters & our brother fraternity:  The seminar provided various opportunities to discuss events and strategies with other ΣΑ chapters.  In addition, we were able to learn more about our brother fraternity and connect with the AGR chapter at KSU to propose and discuss co-sponsoring events in the future.  Through networking with individuals from these chapters, our members were able to gain valuable ideas to bring back to our own chapter. 


3. Individual Development: The seminar included breakout sessions which divided the seminar attendees into smaller groups.  Within these smaller groups, we were able to discuss topics in greater detail such as owning our leadership, mistakes, voice, future, and various others.

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